British Degree Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the British Degree terminology and jargon:



MPhysMaster of Physics
MPhysPhilMaster of Physics and Philosophy
MPlanMaster of Planning
MPPMatter of Public Policy
MProfMatter of Professional Practice
MProfStMaster of Professional Studies
MPSMaster of Professional Studies
MSciMaster in Science (Master of Natural Sciences at Cambridge)
MSci (MGeoSci)Master in Geoscience
MSocScMaster of Social Science
MSScMaster of Social Science
MStMaster of Studies
MStatMaster of Statistics
MTheolMaster of Theology
MTLMaster of Teaching and Learning
MUnivMaster of the University (the MUniv is only ever an honorary degree)
MusMMaster of Music
NPQELNational Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership
NPQHNational Professional Qualification for Headship
NPQMLNational Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership
NPQSLNational Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership
PHDPhilosophiƦ Doctor
ScBTechBachelor of Science in Technology
ScDDoctor of Science
SocScDDoctor of Social Science