Campus Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Campus terminology and jargon:



AACMAsian American Campus Ministry
ACCBAll Campus Commuter Board
ACCORDAll Campus Collaborative on Outreach Research and Dissemination
ACDCAll Campus Dining Center
ACDOAssistant Campus Diversity Officer
ACJCAll Campus Judicial Council
ACORNAccessible Campus Online Resource Network
ACPDAuraria Campus Police Department
ACWRAmericans Committed to World Responsibility
AIICAalto Industrial Internet Campus
AKMAtat√ľrk √úniversitesi Kariyer Merkezi
ARCCAdvancing Research Computing on Campuses
ASCAAfter School Campus Academy
ASECAdolescent Services Enfield Campus
BACMBay Area Campus Ministry
BCCCBinghamton Campus and Community Coalition
BCCGBeaconhouse College Campus Gulberg
BCFBethel Campus Fellowship
BCLCBryan Campus Life Center
BCMBlack Campus Ministries
BCMBaptist Campus Ministries
BKCBiwako Kusatsu Campus
BKCBarcelona Knowledge Campus
BLCCBobbie Lyons Canine Campus
BLOCBeacons Living Off Campus