Canadian Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Canadian terminology and jargon:



AACOCAvicultural Advancement Council of Canada
AADNCAffaires Autochtones et Développement du Nord Canada (English: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada)
AADNCAffaires autochtones et du Nord Canada
AAFCAgriculture & Agri-Food Canada
AAFCAgriculture and Agri Food Canada
AAFCAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada
AANDCAboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
AANDCAboriginal Affairs Northern Development Canada
AANDC-AADNCAboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada - Affaires autochtones et Développement du Nord Canada
ABCAlberta Building Code
ABCAAmerican British Canadian and Australian
ABECAssociation of Bulgarian Engineers in Canada
ABSCAssociation des Bibliothèques de la Santé du Canada (Canadian Health Libraries Association)
ACAAssociation of Canadian Advertisers
ACAMAtlantic Canada Aviation Museum
ACBFAfghanistan Canada Business Federation
ACCCAssociation of Canadian Community Colleges
ACCEAssociation of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs
ACCECAssociation Canadienne des Commissaires d'écoles Catholiques (Canadian Catholic School Trustees' Association)
ACCECAfrican-Canadian Civic Engagement Council
ACCEPAtlantic Canada Cultural and Economic Partnership
ACCLAmerican Canadian Caribbean Line
ACCLAll Canadian Congress of Labour
ACCLOAssociation for Chinese Canadian Lawyers in Ontario