Chat Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Chat terminology and jargon:



AGAnything Goes
AGAwesome Guy
AGAmerican Girl
AGADAs Good As Done
AGAPA Great A** Paulina
AGAPAs Good As Possible
AGEAwesome Girls Exclusively
AGFYArrg Go F*** Yourself
AGIA Grand Idea
AGIGAmerican Girl Instagram
AGMAlt Good Morning
AGNOFAin't Got NO Funds
AGOAlready Got One
AGRAnime Gag Room
AGRAlt Gathering Rainbow
AGUAll Grown Up
AGWAlt Games Wolfenstein
AGWAll Going Well
AHAvailable and Happy
AHAvailable Happy
AHAAwesome Heavenly Angel
AHFAlways Having Fun
AHIRLWYAt Home I Really Like Watch'in YouTube
AHLTA House Like This
AIAwe Inspiring