Chat Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Chat terminology and jargon:



AANAnother Author's Note
AATAt All Times
AATPAll About The Paper
AATTAfter All This Time
AAWAlways At Work
AAWGAnd Away We Go
AAYFAs Always Your Friend
ABA** Beat
ABCAlways Best Choice
ABHAnonymous Blow Hard
ABHAlways Be Happy
ABKAny Body Killer
ABMA Big Mistake
ABMAlways Be More
ABMAll aBout Money
ABOEA Bit Of Everything
ABOFAA Breath Of Fresh Air
ABOFALAlright, But Only For A Little
ABPAlready Been Posted
ABSAlbino BlackSheep
ABSAlways Be Smiling
ABTAnything But The ....
ABUAll Buggered Up
ABVAbove Average