Chat Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Chat terminology and jargon:



ABWAll Being Well
ABWAll Best Wishes
ABXAlt Binaries X
ACAlt Cataclius
ACAbsolutist Cutest
ACAnonymous Coward
ACAlways Crap
ACAcceptable Content
ACAbsolutely Charming
ACCAnyone Can Come
ACEA Cool Experience
ACESTAlways Check Everything Seven Times
ACSHA** Crack Stage Hacks
ACTAnxiety Chat Topics
ACUAll Completely Useless
ADAwesome Dude
ADADAnother Day, Another Dollar
ADAIRAs Soon As It's Ready
ADBAnother Dumb Bunnie
ADBBAll Done, Bye Bye
ADDAdvanced Dumbass Disorder
ADFAbsolutely Daft Fool
ADIDAUAll Day I Dream About You
ADMWAny Day Most Welcome