Chess Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Chess terminology and jargon:



AACAAll Assam Chess Association
ACCArizona Chess Central
ACFIArizona Chess Federation, Inc.
AFCAmericas Foundation for Chess
AFICSAmerican Free Internet Chess Server
AGMArena Grand Master
AICEArtificially Intelligent Chess Engine
AICFAll India Chess Federation
AICFBAll India Chess Federation for the Blind
AICSAmerican Internet Chess Server
ALACAlmighty Loser At Chess
AOAAll Other Activities
AOCAAll Odisha Chess Association
APCAAndhra Pradesh Chess Association
ASCAArkansas Scholastic Chess Association
ASPCCAll Service Postal Chess Club
ASPCCAll Services Postal Chess Club
ATCAAll Tripura Chess Association
BBIBlack Bishop
BCBasketball And Chess
BCCABritish Correspondence Chess Association
BCCABoard for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology
BCCCBritish Correspondence Chess Championship
BCCSBritish Correspondence Chess Society