Community Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Churches terminology and jargon:



BCCBrunstad Christian Church
BCCCBear Creek Community Church
BCCCBerkeley Chinese Community Church
BCCMBasel Christian Church of Malaysia
BCCOCBoronia Community Church of Christ
BCECBoston Chinese Evangelical Church
BCHIBryant Church Hardwoods Inc
BCLCBethlehem Church Life Centre
BCMCBethel College Mennonite Church
BCMCBahamas Conference Of The Methodist Church
BCMCHBelievers Church Medical College Hospital
BCNBedford Church of the Nazarene
BCOBook of Church Order
BCOCBaptist Church of the Covenant
BCOCBurleson Church of Christ
BCOCBerwick Church of Christ
BCOCBrattleboro Church of Christ
BCOCBoronia Church of Christ
BCOTBethel Church of Tallmadge
BCRSBelievers Church Residential School
BCSFBuddhist Church of San Francisco
BCSFBuddhist Church of San Francisco's
BCTTBirmingham Churches Together Training
BDCCBen Davis Christian Church
BEBCBlessings Evangelical Bible Church