Civic & Municipal Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Civic & Municipal terminology and jargon:



CRCACentral Roxborough Civic Assoc
CRGCivic Resource Group
CRMCivic Republic Military
CRVCivic Recreation Vehicle
CRXCivic Renaissance X
CRXCivic Revolution X
CSComparative Statement
CSCECenter for Scholarly and Civic Engagement
CSICivic Service Institute
CSKUCivic Safai Karamchari Union
CSMFOCalifornia Society of Municipal Finance Officers
CSPECivic Social and Political Education
CSPECivic, Social and Political Education
CTBCivic Transit Bag
CTCLCenter for Tech and Civic Life
CTDCCivic Tech and Data Collaborative
CTRCivic Type R
CUFCivic United Front
CVCACharles Village Civic Association
CVRDCowichan Valley Regional District
CVRDComox Valley Regional District
CWMPChristina Watersheds Municipal Partnership
CWTSCivic Welfare Training Service
CYOCivic Youth Orchestra
DAMADallas Area Municipal Authority