Climate Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Climate terminology and jargon:



ABCAnything But Climate
ACACIAArid Climate Adaptation and Cultural Innovation in Africa
ACANArchitects Climate Action Network
ACASAAtlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association
ACCAutomatic Climate Control
ACCCAdvisory Committee on Climate Change
ACCCAmerican Cities Climate Challenge
ACDCAdvanced Climate Dynamics Courses
ACISApplied Climate Information System
ACJPAustralian Climate Justice Program
ACMEAccelerated Climate Modeling for Energy
ACMEAccelerated Climate Model for Energy
ACPCAerosols Clouds Precipitation and Climate
ACSISAtlantic Climate System Integrated Study
ACTTA Climate To Thrive
ADVICEAnnual to Decadal Variability In Climate in Europe
AECMAgri Environment Climate Measure
AGCCAnthropogenic Global Climate Change
AGCCAction for a Global Climate Community
AIRCAAssociation of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture
AOGCMAtmosphere Ocean Global Climate Model
AOPCAtmospheric Observations Panel For Climate
APCCUAir Pollution and Climate Change Unit
APCVAntarctic Peninsula Climate Variability
AQCIAir quality climate interactions