Coins Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Coins terminology and jargon:



$100KOne hundred-thousand US dollars
AAWAdolph A. Weinman
ACCGAncient Coin Collectors Guild
ACCSAncient Coin Certification Service
ACSBAmerican Coin and Stamp Brokerage
ACSBAmerican Coin Stamp Brokerage
AFAbsolutely Fake
AGAbout Good
AG-3Almost Good 3 (coin grade)
ANAAmerican Numismatic Association
ANACSAmerican Numismatic Association Certification Service
ASEAmerican Silver Eagle
AUAbout Uncirculated
AU-50Almost Uncirculated 55 (coin grade)
AU-55Choice Almost Uncirculated (coin grade)
AVFAbout Very Fine
AWCAtomic Wallet Coin
AXFAbout Extremely Fine
BBeau (French coin grade equivalent to Very Good)
BBello (Italian coin grade equivalent to Very Good)
B#Browning Number
B#Bolender Number
BBBellissimo (Italian coin grade equivalent to Very Fine)