Community Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Community terminology and jargon:



ACDNTAveraged Community Distance Nearest Taxon
ACDSAgricultural Community Development Services
ACDSArundel Community Development Services
ACDSAgricultural and Community Development Services
ACDVAccredited Community Disaster Volunteers
ACEActive Community Enrichment
ACEArkansas Community of Excellence
ACEAdvocacy For Community Employment
ACEAdventure Camaraderie And Entertainment
ACEAction Community for Entrepreneurship
ACEAirport Community Enthusiast
ACEAlternatives for Community and Environment
ACE(s)Active Community Environment(s)
ACEDApplied Community and Economic Development
ACEDApplied Community Economic Development
ACEEAdair Community for Excellence in Education
ACEGAboriginal Community Engagement Group
ACEPArrowhead Community Entrepreneurship Program
ACERTAtlanta Community Emergency Response Team
ACERTAdvanced Community Emergency Response Team
ACESAmazon Community of Emotional Support
ACESA Community on Ecosystem Services
ACFAustrian Cultural Forum
ACFAlbany County Fair