Construction Acronyms and Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Construction terminology and jargon:



2W-BTwo Wire, Base mounted smoke detector
2WT-BTwo Wire, Base mounted smoke detector with Thermal detector
4W-BFour Wire, Base mounted smoke detector
4WAType 4 White Ash Lumber
4WPFour-inch Wellpoint Pump
AAAnchor Assembly
AAACEAlbanian Americans in Architecture Construction and Engineering
AACAutoclave Aerated Concrete
AACAcute Angle Closure
AACCAmount Available for Construction Cost
AACCCAlberta Aboriginal Construction Career Centre
AACCCAlberta Aboriginal Construction Careers Centres
AACEArt Architecture Construction and Engineering
AAEAlkylated Amine Epoxy
AAMAAmerican Architectural Manufacturers' Association
AARSCanatomic ACL reconstruction scoring checklist
AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ABAnchor Bolt
ABAsbestos Board
ABCAlberta Building Code
ABCAccelerated Bridge Construction
ABCCAustralian Building and Construction Commissioner
ABCCAustralian Building and Construction Commission
ABCDAssociation for Bridge Construction and Design
ABSAnchor Bolt Stabilizer