Days Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Days Abbreviations terminology and jargon:



9/11September 11
AAWArts Awareness Week
ACSWAustralasian Computer Science Week
ADAnte Diem (before the day)
ADAnno Domini (Year of Our Lord)
ADNAny Day Now
AFApril Fools
AFDAlcohol Free Day
AFDArmed Forces Day
AFDApril Fools Day
AMAnte Meridien
AUBDAUgust BirthDay
BADBlinker Appreciation Day
BAMMBust A Move Monday
BFBlack Friday
BFFBank Failure Friday
BNBlack Night
BSBlack Sunday
BSTBritish Summer Time
BTWBritish Tourism Week
CCYYtwo-digit century, and two-digit year
DABDDraw A Bird Day
DBDate Before