Databases Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Databases terminology and jargon:



CDDBCompact Disk Data Base
CDDBCompact Disc DataBase
CDHCentral Database of Handicaps
CDIConstrained Data Item
CDMCollection and Database Management
CDMCore Data Module
CDMRCochrane Database Of Methodology Reviews
CDMSCologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy
CDRClinical Data Repository
CDSCrashworthiness Data System
CDTConceptual Data Type
CEADCentral European Art Database
CEDDContactless Energy and Data Distribution
CEDICollaborative encyclopaedic database interface
CEDWCameo Enterprise Data Warehouse
CEFDCarbon Emission Factor Database
CEHRTCertified Electronic Health Record Technology
CELDCreation Evolution Literature Database
CEMConsolidation, Extension, and Modification
CEMSCustoms Electronic Manifest System
CEOPChild Exploitation and Online Protection
CEWSContent Engine Web Service
CFComma Format
CFCTCyclic File Characteristics Table
CFDRComputer Failure Data Repository