Drivers Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Drivers terminology and jargon:



SMCSCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Media Changer
SMPSymmetric Multi-Processing
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
SOCSystem On a Chip
SODIMMSmall Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
SODIMMSerially Opened DIgital Interconnect Master (cache) Memory
SoftAPSoft Access Point
SoIPStorage-Over-Internet Protocol
SPService Pack
SPASystem Physical Address
SPCSCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Primary Commands
SPDPTShadow Page Directory Pointer Table
SPDTShadow Page Directory Table
SPISCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Parallel Interface
SPIDService Profile IDentifier
SPML4TShadow Page Map Level-4 Table
SPPSerial Port Profile
SPTShadow Page Table
SPTDSCSI Pass Through Direct
SRBSCSI Request Block
SRDSingapore Reckless Drivers
SRGBStandard Red - Green - Blue
SRTMStatic Root of Trust for Measurement
SSDPSimple Service Discovery Protocol