Drivers Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Drivers terminology and jargon:



XACD-ROM extended architecture
XAMLExtensible Application Markup Language
XDDMWindows XP Display Driver Model
XGAeXtended Graphics Adaptor
XGCXPS - to - GDI Conversion
XIDTransaction IDentification
XIDXicato Intelligent Drivers
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XPversion 5.1 of Microsoft Windows
XPDDMWindows XP Display Driver Model
XPSXML Paper Specification
XQXDriver for printers that use the HP "XQX" stream wire protocol for their print data
XSDXML Schema Definition
XSDTExtended System Description Table
XSPExtender Session Protocol
XUSBXbox 360 Universal Serial Bus
YWDPYouth and Women Drivers of Peace
YWDPYouth Women Drivers of Peace
ZJSZenographics ZjStream printer driver
ZJSTREAMZenographics ZjStream printer driver