Drugs Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Drugs terminology and jargon:



CCBCalcium Channel Blockers
CCDTCorpus Cavernosum Drug Test
CCDTFCrittenden County Drug Task Force
CCDTFCecil County Drug Task Force
CCDTFColumbiana County Drug Task Force
CCDTFCaroline County Drug Task Force
CCR5C-C motif Chemokine Receptor
CDAOControlled Drugs Accountable Officers
CDARControlled Drug Administration Record
CDARCurrent Drug Abuse Reviews
CDARComputational Drug Abuse Research
CDATCommunity Drug and Alcohol Team
CDATCommunity Drug Action Teams
CDCICathay Drug Company Incorporated
CDCOCentre for Drug Candidate Optimisation
CDDCenter for Drug Design
CDDCenter for Drug Discovery
CDDCollaborative Drug Discovery
CDDACosmetics Devices and Drugs Authority
CDDDComputationally Driven Drug Discovery
CDDDCeramic Drug Delivery Devices
CDDRCollaborative Drug Discovery Research
CDERCenter for Drug Evaluation Research
CDERCenter for Drug Evaluation and Research
CDERCentre for Drug Evaluation and Research

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