Ecology Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Ecology terminology and jargon:



MEELMolecular Ecology and Evolution Lab
MEHMaster Environmental Horticulture
MEPSMarine Ecology Progress Series
MEWEMicrobial Ecology and Water Engineering
MEWEMicrobial Ecology in Water Engineering
MLELMarine Landscape Ecology Lab
MMEEMathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution
MSELMarine Spatial Ecology Lab
MSSRFM S Swaminathan Research Foundation
NACRENorth American Coalition on Religion and Ecology
NEONissan Ecology Oriented
NESTNature Ecology Science and Technology
NEYNet Energy Yield
NIEENational Institute of Ecology and Environment
NIELNutritional and Isotopic Ecology Lab
NKENeed to Know Ecology
NRELNatural Resource Ecology Laboratory
NREMNatural Resource Ecology and Management
NSFDNull Space-Based Fault Detection
OBEOrganismal Biology and Ecology
OCIOil Change International
ODCPOil Discharge Contingency Plan
OGRNObstetrics Gynecology Research Network
OPALOpen Air Labrotories
OSEOpen Source Ecology