Educational Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Educational terminology and jargon:



ABECAlbuquerque Business Education Compact
ABECArizona Business and Education Coalition
ABEKAlternative Basic Education for Karamoja
ABEKAlternative Basic Education Karamoja
ABELAction Based Experiential Learning
ABERAdult Basic Education Reading
ABETAdult Basic Education And Training
ABGEAdvisory Board on Graduate Education
ABHEAssociation for Biblical Higher Education
ABHESAccrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools
ABHESAccreditation Bureau of Health Education Schools
ABIPAfrican Books In Print
ABLAdult Basic Learning
ABLAlways Be Learning
ABLAAssessment of Basic Learning Abilities
ABLEAccess Belonging Learning Equality
ABLEAdult Basic Literacy Education
ABLEAnnandale Beginning Learners Education
ABLEAcquiring the Basics of Living and Employment
ABLEA Balanced Literacy Environment
ABLEAdult Blind Learning Experience
ABLEAssets to Build Leadership Education
ABLEAI Based Learning Environment
ABLEAcademic Biology Learning Environment
ABLEApplied Business Learning Experience