Electronics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Electronics terminology and jargon:



AFCBArc Fault Circuit Breaker
AFCEAArmed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
AFCIArc Fault Circuit Interrupter
AFCPAutomatic Flight Control Processor
AFDApplication Framework Definition
AFDAlternator Field Disconnect
AFDSArc Fault Detection System
AFEActive Front End
AFEAre Friends Electric
AFESDAir Forve Electronic Systems Division
AFFECTAmericans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions
AFFSAdvanced Fringe Field Switching
AFHAdvanced Frequency Hopping
AFITAutomated Failure Insertion Technology
AFLAmps Full Load
AFMAdvanced Frequency Modulation
AFMAudio Frequency Modulation
AFOSAdvanced Fiber Optic Sensing
AFSAdaptive Frontlighting System
AFSAAir Film Substrate Air
AFTAutomatic Fine Tuning
AFTAccelerated Failure Time
AGBAlexander Graham Bell
AGBTInsulated Gate Bipolar Tansistor
AGCAutomatic Gain Control

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