Electronics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Electronics terminology and jargon:



WGWire Groove
WGFWaveGuide Filter
WGFTWaveGuide Filter Tutorial
WGFVWasteGate Frequency Valve
WGHNWaveguide Standard Gain Horn
WGNWhite Gaussian Noise
WGNGWhite Gaussian Noise Generator
WGOTWorking Group on Technology
WGSEWorking Group on Spectrum Engineering
WGXWireless Gateway Switch
WHAMWaveform Hold And Modify
WHDWireless Handheld Device
WHEWright Hennepin Electric
WHTOLWet High Temperature Operating Life
WIWave Interpreter
WIALWater Impervious Aluminum Layer
WIBWith-In Batch
WIDFWeighted Integrate and Dump Filter
WIECWestern Illinois Electrical Coop
WIGWater In the Gap
WINKWicked Inband Noise Killer
WINSOCKWindow socket API
WIPWork In Process
WISWater Induced Shift

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