Farming & Agriculture Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Farming & Agriculture terminology and jargon:



10-6-4Fertilizer, 10% by weight nitrogen, 6% by weight phosphorous, and 4% by weight potassium
4WAFour Winds Angus Cattle
A4NHAgriculture for Nutrition and Health
AAAAgricultural Adjustment Act
AAAAgriculture and Allied Activities
AAACEAmerican Association of Agricultural College Editors
AAAEAmerican Association for Agricultural Education
AAAFAssociation of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen
AAAFAssociation of Alberta Agriculture Fieldmen
AADArkansas Agriculture Department
AADSAll American Dairy Show
AAEAgricultural and Applied Economics
AAEAAgricultural Applied Economics Association
AAEAAgricultural and Applied Economics Association
AAEAAmerican Agricultural Editors Association
AAEAAgricultural & Applied Economics Association
AAEPAfghanistan Agricultural Extension Project
AAEPAfghan Agricultural Extension Project
AAESArkansas Agricultural Experiment Station
AAFCAgriculture & Agri-Food Canada
AAFCAgriculture and Agri Food Canada
AAFCAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada
AAFCOAssociation of American Feed Control Officials
AAFRAgricultural Apple Farming Robot
AAHCAgriculture Animal Husbandry Corporation