Farming & Agriculture Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Farming & Agriculture terminology and jargon:



USSECU.S. Soybean Export Council,
UTFUrban Tree Farm
UTFBUtah Farm Bureau
UTFNUrban Tree Farm Nursery
UTIAUniversity of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
UTVUtility Terrain Vehicle
VAAValue Added Agriculture
VAAFMVermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets
VADPVermont Agriculture Development Program
VAELVermont Agriculture Environmental Laboratory
VAELVermont Agriculture and Environmental Laboratory
VAGAVirginia Agricultural Growers Association
VALORVirginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results
VARTCVanuatu Agricultural Research and Technical Centre
VARTCVanuatu Agricultural Research and Training Centre
VARTCVanuatu Agriculture Research and Technical Centre
VARTCVanuatu Agriculture Research and Technology Centre
VDFAValley Dairy Farm Automation
VEWVillage Extension Worker
VFCVintner Farmer Chef
VFFCVermont Farmers Food Center
VFMVirtual Farm Manager
VFUVeterinární a farmaceutická univerzita
VLEWVillage Level Extension Work
VNFAVietNam Farmers Association