Farming & Agriculture Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Farming & Agriculture terminology and jargon:



WCMFWheat Corn Millet Fallow
WCMFWet Corn Milling Feed
WCMRWeekly Commodity Report
WCPFCWestern and Central Pacific Fisheries Convention
WCRWWestern Corn RootWorm
WCSAWest Central School of Agriculture
WDDFWasteland Development Demonstration Farm
WDFAWorld Day for Farmed Animals
WDFFWomens Division of Federated Farmers
WDFOWhitetail Deer Farmers of Ohio
WDFSWest Dakota Feed and Seed
WDGWet Distillers Grain
WDGAWisconsin Dairy Goat Association
WDGSWet Distillers Grains with Solubles
WDISWood Destroying insect Information Report
WDMCWestern Dairy Management Conference
WEAREWater Environmental and Agricultural Resources Economics
WEFSWave Energy Farm System
WFAWorm Farming Alliance
WFAGWaterford Farmers Action Group
WFASWoodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
WFBFWisconsin Farm Bureau Federation
WFBFWyoming Farm Bureau Federation
WFBGWestern Forage Beef Group
WFBPWeb Farm Business Plan