Farming & Agriculture Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Farming & Agriculture terminology and jargon:



WWDFWaimate West Demonstration Farm
WWFWorld Wide Fund for Nature
WWGAWyoming Wool Growers Association
WWPCWyoming Weed and Pest Council
WYAGWyoming Ag- Business
WYLRWyoming Livestock Roundup
YAACYuma Area Agriculture Council
YADOYouth Agricultural Development Organization
YAHSYanco Agricultural High School
YAPAYouth Apprenticeship Programme in Agriculture
YARLYakima Agricultural Research Laboratory
YAUYezin Agricultural University
YBFYoung Black Farmers
YBFAYoung Black Farmers Association
YBNAYouth Bridging Nature and Agriculture
YBSYoung, Beginning, and Small Farmers and Ranchers
YCAPYouth Community Agriculture Program
YDYield Deviation
YEAPYouth Employment in Agriculture Program
YESYour Eggplant System
YETAYouth Empowerment Through Agriculture
YFCYoung Farmers Club
YFCYoung Farmers Clubs
YFCUYoung Farmers Clubs of Ulster
YFEYetter Farm Equipment