FBI Files Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the FBI Files terminology and jargon:



FOField Office
FOCFriend Of the Court
FOIAFreedom Of Information Act
FOSFinger Of Suspicion
FOUOFor Official Use Only
FPCFingerPrint Classification
FRCFederal Records Center
FRNFoReigN Affiliation
FSBFederal Security Bureau
FSLForensic Science Laboratory
FSOAForeign Service Oral Assessment
FTLFederal Telecommunications Laboratory
FTOForeign Terrorist Organization
FUBARFouled Up Beyond All Recognition
G-MenGovernment Agents
GAOGeneral Accounting Office
GBHGrievous Bodily Harm
GDSGeneral Declassification Schedule
GEMSGlobal Energy Management Solutions
GIDGeneral Intelligence Division
GIIFGeneral Investigative Intelligence File
GIMGeneric Information Model
GJGrand Jury

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