Federation Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Federation terminology and jargon:



AAAFAnguilla Amateur Athletic Federation
AAAFArab Amateur Athletic Federation
AAFAsian Archery Federation
AAFAsian American Federation
AAFBAmerican Advertising Federation of Baltimore
AAFBAmerican Advertising Federation Baltimore
AAFIAmateur Athletics Federation of India
AAPFAmateur American Powerlifting Federation
AAPSFAmerican Airsoft Practical Shooting Federation
AASFAmerican Amateur Sambo Federation
AASFAsian Amateur Swimming Federation
ABBFAuckland Blood Bowl Federation
ABCFAnarchist Black Cross Federation
ABFAmerican Beekeeping Federation
ABFAsian Boxing Federation
ABFAsian Bowling Federation
ABFAmerican Beekeeping Federation
ABFIAmateur Baseball Federation of India
ABFSUAll Burma Federation of Student Unions
ABFSUAll Burma Federation of Students Union
ABFSUAll Burma Federations of Students Union
ABSFAustralian Blind Sports Federation
ABTEFAustralian Boot Trade Employees' Federation
ACFFAspira Club Federation of Florida
ACFICAll China Federation of Industry and Commerce

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