Film Censorship Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Film Censorship terminology and jargon:



AAAll Age
AAAll Ages
ABEFActive Brightness Enhancement Film
AFIAmerican Film Institute
AMCAmerican Movie Classics
AOAdults Only
AREZAdvanced Rheometric Expansion System
ATMA Terrible Movie
AUDAvengers Unity Devision
AVNAdult Video Netherlands
AVSAdult Verification Service
BDBondage Dominance
BFBlue Film
BFCBBangladesh Film Censor Board
BJBrian Johnson, rock musician
BMBad Movie
CBFCCentral Board of Film Certification
CCClosed Captioning
CCAComics Code Authority
CFLContains Foul Language
CMSContent Management System
CRSCommunity Rating System
CSSContent Scrambling System