Companies & Firms Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Companies & Firms terminology and jargon:



2BVStock symbol for Brightcove Inc. (Frankfort Stock Exchange)
2DM2Degrees Mobile
2NTSecond National Tour
2TG2 Temple Gardens
3-mMinnesota Mining and Manufacturing
3BG3 Bald Guys
3LF3 Leaf Fabrication
3MMinnesota Mining and Manufacturing
3MMinnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
3PEThird Party Engineering
3PUPrimary Products Promotions Unit
3PUPure Power Products Unit
3RBThree Raymond Buildings
3RCCThree Rivers Computer Corporation
4 & 20Australian Meat Pie Company
4PLFourth Party Logistic Service Provider
4WM4th Wall Marketing
4WP4 Wheel Parts
7-11Seven Eleven
8CCEight Circuit Creation
8DP8D Productions
A&FAbercrombie & Fitch
A&PThe Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company