Companies & Firms Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Companies & Firms terminology and jargon:



ABCAtanasoff Berry Computer
ABCAgro Business Corporation
ABCAdventist Book Center
ABCAcorn Business Computer
ABCAmerican Broadcasting Corporation
ABCAmerican Broadcast Company
ABCAnglo Belgian Corporation
ABCAIAlona Beach Community Association Inc
ABCAPAustralian Broadcasting Corporation Asia Pacific
ABCBAfrican Banking Corporation of Botswana
ABCDEAny Body's Custom Design Embroidery, Inc.
ABCDEFA Better Complete Development Engineering Firm
ABCLAssociated Building Company Limited
ABCLAmitabh Bachan Corporation Limited
ABCLAmitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited
ABCLAmitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd
ABCLAishwarya Bachchan Corporation Limited
ABCLAmitabh Bachchan Corp Ltd
ABCUAvon and Bristol Computer Unit
ABDIApplications by Design Inc
ABEAmerican Booksellers Exchange
ABEAssociation Of Business Executives
ABEAdvanced Book Exchange
ABEAntiquarian Booksellers Exchange
ABECOArab British Engine Company