Food & Nutrition Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Food & Nutrition terminology and jargon:



APMAutomatic Plate Machine
APMAdditives Percent Of Mix
APNCAssociation professionnelle en nutrition des cultures
APSACSAlo Pakora Samosa and Chatni System
ARAdded Rice
ARDAgricultural research for development
ARFFAnimals Raising Funds for Food
ARFIDAvoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder
ARMAutomatic Refill Management
ASAdvanced Supplementary
ASAged and Selected
ASAnaphylactic Shock
ASArtificial Sweetener
ASAPA Sour Apple Pie
ASBOSCW/OSA small box of soda crackers without salt
ASDAlt Support Diet
ASDAAssociated Dairies
ASFCAppalachian Staple Foods Collaborative
ASFCAtlanta Street Food Coalition
ASMAmerican Style Malt
ASNFAmerican Society for Nutrition Foundation
ASNMAlberta Society of Nutrition Management
ATDSAustralian Total Diet Survey