Foster & Adoption Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Foster & Adoption terminology and jargon:



AAAAAmerican Academy of Adoption Attorneys
AACWAdoption Assistance and Child Welfare
AALAdditional Adoption Leave
AAMAdoption Assistance Manual
AAPAdoption Assistance Program
AAYAfter Adoption Yorkshire
ABPAdoption Breeding and Pet
ACAPAtlanta Canine Adoption Project
ACFBAdoption Center for Family Building
ACTAdoption Care Transportation
ADOPTAdoption and Diffusion Outcome Prediction Tool
AFCARSAdoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System
AFCRAmerican Foster Care Resources
AFFECA Family For Every Child
AFFTAdoptive and Foster Family Training
AFHAdult Foster Home
AFOAAlabama Friends Of Adoption
AGAPEAdoption and Guardianship Assistance Program for Everyone
AIAAAmericans for International Aid and Adoption
AIUAdoption Implementation Upgrade
AKAPAwareness Knowledge Adoption Production
ALWWAdoption Links World Wide
AMFCAustralian Multicultural Foster Care