General Computing Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the General Computing terminology and jargon:



AFApplication Framework
AFPAdvanced Function Printing
AFPAdvanced Function Printer
AFPAppletalk File Protocol
AFRAlternate Frame Rendering
AFSSAsian Fuzzy Systems Society
AFTAutomatic File Transfer
AFTAvailable File Table
AGArnold and Gosling
AGAgriculture General
AGAAdvanced Graphics Architecture
AGAApplied General Agency
AGAAnnual General Adjustment
AGATEAdvanced General Aviation Transport Experiments
AGBAAmerican General Business Association
AGBMAnnual General Body Meeting
AGEAnimation Graphics and Effects
AGFAjimonoto General Foods
AGHAtlantic General Hospital
AGKAircraft General Knowledge
AGMAnime Games Movies
AGMAmerican General Media
AGPAccelerated Graphics Port
AGPAdvanced Graphics Port
AGPAdvanced Graphics Processor