General Computing Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the General Computing terminology and jargon:



AGPAdvanced Gaming Port
AGPAdvanced Graphic Processing
AGPAccelerated Graphics Performance
AGPAuditor General of Pakistan
AGPRAccountant General Pakistan Revenues
AGPRAccountant General of Pakistan Revenues
AGSAdvanced Graphics System
AGSAssociate of General Studies
AGSAAuditor General of South Africa
AGTAirwork General Trading
AGVAutomated Guided Vehicle
AGWBAccountants General West Bengal
AHAttribute Hidden
AHAddress Handling
AHApplication Header
AHAAdvanced Heuristic Analysis
AHDAudio Hardware Driver
AHPAnalytical Hierarchy Process
AHPAlternative Hierarchy Process
AIAutomatic Indexing
AIAlmost Implemented
AICTNAlphanetisation for ICT Networking
AIDAutomated Intelligence Discovery
AIFAutomated Information Facility
AIFFAudio Interchange File Format