General Computing Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the General Computing terminology and jargon:



AIGCAssociation Of Independent General Counsel
AIMAddictive Instant Messenger
AIMDAdditive Increase, Multiplicative Decrease
AIMEAdvanced Interactive Mudding Environment
AIMOAsymmetric Inverted Mode Operation
AIMSAuto Indexing Mass Storage
AIOAsynchronous Input Output
AIQArtificial Intelligence Quotient
AIRArea Information Retrieval
AISAccelerated Indexing System
AISAutomated Indexing System
AISAdaptive Intelligent System
AISAutomated Information System
AISAmadeus Information System
AISAutonomous Intelligent System
AITAdvanced Intelligent Tape
AITAdvanced Intelligent Technology
AITRArtificial Intelligence Laboratory Technical Report
AIUApplication Interface Unit
AIUAdvice Information Updates
AIXAlternate IndeX
ALAddress List
ALCAudio Library Context
ALGAustin LinuxUser Group
ALGOLALGOrithmic Language