Ghana Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Ghana terminology and jargon:



AAAGAfrican American Association of Ghana
ACDCArmy Central Defence Committee
ACDRAssociation of Committees for the Defence of the Revolution
ACIDAmansuri Conservation and Integrated Development
ACPAction Congress Party
ADCAgricultural Development Corporation
ADFAlliance of Democratic Forces
AEFGAid Effectiveness Forum - Ghana
AFCAlliance for Change
AFDCArmed Forces Defence Commission
AGCAshanti (Asante) Goldfields Corporation
AGGLAsanko Gold Ghana Limited
AGIAssociation of Ghana Industries
ALPEAlliance for Poverty Eradication
AMAAccra Metropolitan Assembly
ANUCAll Nations University College
AOMCAssociation of Oil Marketing Companies
APPAll People's Party
APRPAll People's Republican Party
ARIAnimal Research Institute
ARPSAborigines' Rights Protection Society
ASPAssistant Superintendent of Police
ATAGAid To Artisans Ghana
AUCAshesi University College
AYAAnlo Youth Association