Guilds Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Guilds terminology and jargon:



AASRAncient Accepted Scottish Rite
ABGAmerican Brewers Guild
ACCGAncient Coin Collectors Guild
ACEGAfghan Carpet Exporters Guild
ADGArt Directors Guild
ADGArchitectural Design Guild
AGAfter Guild
AGAAmerican Guild of Appraisers
AGACAmerican Guild of Authors and Composers
AGAGArkansas Gospel Announcers Guild
AGAGAnimated GIF Artists Guild
AGCVAmerican Guild of Court Videographers
AGGGArtists Guild Gallery of Greenville
AGGGArtist Guild Gallery of Greenville
AGILAAteneo Guild of Innovative Leading Associates
AGJAAmerican Guild of Judiac Artists
AGJAAmerican Guild of Judaic Art
AGMAAmerican Guild of Musical Artists
AGOAmerican Guild of
AGSCAustralian Guild of Screen Composers
AGVAAmerican Guild of Variety Artists
AGWBAuckland Guild of Winemakers and Brewers
AHGAmerican Herbalists Guild
AHWGAustin Historical Weapons Guild
AIGCMAssociate of the Incorporated Guild of Church Musicians