Guilds Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Guilds terminology and jargon:



MBGMissouri Basketweavers Guild
MBGMichigan Brewers Guild
MBGMandalorian Bountys Guild
MBGMassachusetts Brewers Guild
MCBGMinnesota Craft Brewers Guild
MCGManchester Craftsmen's Guild
MCGManchester Craftsman Guild
MCGAMount Carmel Guild Academy
METGMassachusetts Educational Theater Guild
MMQMisty Mountain Quilters Guild
MMWGMid Michigan Woodworkers Guild
MOGMetropolitan Opera Guild
MOMMinistry Of Masons
MPAGMichigan Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
MPAGMichigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild
MPEGMotion Picture Editors Guild
MPGMotor Press Guild
MQGMaui Quilting Guild
MUGCRManchester Universities Guild of Change Ringers
NAFCNorth American Founders Club
NAGCRNorth American Guild of Change Ringers
NCAGNorth Charleston Artists Guild
NCAGNorth Charleston Artist Guild
NCAGNorthern California Angora Guild
NCHGNorth Country Herbalist Guild