Hardware Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Hardware terminology and jargon:



AISPAmitz Interpreted Script Processor
AKBAdesso KeyBoard
AKCAll Knowing Computer
ALEAttribute Logic Engine
ALEAddress Latch Enable
ALISAutomatic Locality Improving Storage
ALPMAggressive Link Power Management
ALUArithmetic/Logic Unit
ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
ALUAAsymmetric Logical Unit Access
AMADAirframe Mounted Accessory Drive
AMANDAAdvanced Maryland Automated Network Disk Archiver
AMATAverage Memory Access Time
AMBAAdvanced Microcontroler Bus Architecture
AMCAdvanced Mezzanine Card
AMIAll Media Integration
AMIArtist Management Interface
AMIAmerican Megatrends, Inc.
AMOLEDActive-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode
AMPAutomated Modular Platform
AMPAccess Module Processor
AMPIAdvanced Media Player Information
AMSAssociative Memory System
AMSAdd, Multiply, Subtract

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