Hardware Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Hardware terminology and jargon:



ANDVTAdvanced Narrow-band Digital Voice Terminal
ANPRAutomatic Number Plate Reader
ANRActive Noise Reduction
ANSHAmiga Networking Software Hardware
AOAnalog Output
AOAuto Off
AOAAlliance of Overclocking Arts
AODAdvanced Optical Disc
AOPAutonomous Object Platform
AOSPAnd/Or Series/Parallel
APAlternative Power
APApplication Processor
APAccess Port
APAArithmetic Processing Accelerator
APBAdvanced Peripheral Bus
APBSAdjustable Plastic Bayonet Sensor
APCAnalog-to-Packet Converter
APDUApplication Processing Data Unit
APFAll-Pass Filter
APICATM Port Interconnect Controller
APICAdvance Programmable Interrupt Controller
APMAdaptive Power Management
APMAdvanced Power Management
APMSAdvanced Precision Measurement System
APOAutomatic Power Off

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