Hardware Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Hardware terminology and jargon:



APPIAssociated Press Printer Interface
APSActive Pixel Sensor
APSActive Phase Switching
APSAnonymity, Privacy & Security
APTAAustrian Platform for Telematics Application
APUAudio Processing Unit
APUAuxiliary Power Unit
APUAccelerated Processing Units
APUAccelerated Processing Unit
AQUAAmino Qnx Unified Architecture
ARAutomatic Reset
ARCAAdvanced Recovery Continuity Appliance
ARIAutomated Reset Indication
ARMAcorn RISC Machine
ARMDATAPI (Advanced Technology Attachment with Packet Interface) Removable Media Device
ARMSAdvanced Reticle Management System
ARMSActive Real-time Machine System
ARTAudio Response Terminal
ARTSAnalog Real-Time Synthesizer
ASAccelerated Standard
ASAutonomous System
ASAAdvanced Speaker Array
ASBAdvanced System Bus
ASCAccessory Switch Controller
ASCKAsynchronous Serial Clock

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