Hebrew Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Hebrew terminology and jargon:



HPLSHebrew Prayers Learning Series
HRNHebrew Research Network
HTTSHebrew Text to Speech
HUBPHebrew University Bible Project
HUCAHebrew Union College Annual
HUCPHebrew Union College Press
HUHMHebrew University Hadassah Medicine
HUHUHebrew University Hebrew Understander
HUJIHebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
IHCIndianapolis Hebrew Congregation
IHDSIrvine Hebrew Day School
IMHMInstitute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts
ITHLInstitute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature
LIHALong Island Hebrew Academy
LOJLion Of Judah
LTRHLearn To Read Hebrew
NAGARJewish (Sephardic and Israeli) : occupational name from Hebrew nagar 'carpenter'.
SCHASouthern Connecticut Hebrew Academy
SFHASouth Fallsburg Hebrew Association
SIHAStaten Island Hebrew Academy
SPHASouth Philadelphia Hebrew Association
UHGCUnited Hebrew Geriatric Center
UOHCUnion of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations
YHWHHebrew name for God (the Tetragrammaton)
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