Hydrology Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Hydrology terminology and jargon:



23FTwenty Three Feet
ACCSTAdvanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology
ACWIAdvisory Committee on Water Information
ADFAverage Daily Flow
AEPAnnual Exceedance Probability
AIRCAAssociation of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture
AMLAbandoned Mine Lands
ARIAverage Recurrence Interval
ASHUAmerican Spatial Hydrology Union
AVRDCAsian Vegetable Research and Development Center
BAHMBay Area Hydrology Model
BGBlack Gold
BGLBelow Ground Level
CBAWOCape Bounty Arctic Watershed Observatory
CEHCentre for Ecology Hydrology
CEHCentre for Ecology and Hydrology
CHGCertified Hydrogeologist
CHYCommission for Hydrology
CIMHCaribbean Institute for Meteorology Hydrology
CIMHCaribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hidrology
CIMHCaribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
CSFFCarbohydrate Solution Force field
CWBClean Water Branch

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