Hydrology Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Hydrology terminology and jargon:



HMSHydrologic Modeling System
HOSTHydrology of Soil Types
HSRCHydrographic Science Research Center
HWDHorizontal Well Driller
HWRHydrology and Water Resources
HWRPHydrology and Water Resources Programme
ICDInlet Control Device
ICWIntegrated Constructed Wetland
IDFIntensity, Duration, Frequency
IFGRInduced Flue Gas Recirculation
IHCAInteragency Hydrology Committee for Alaska
IHDSIntegrated Hydrology Data Science
IJHInternational Journal of Hydrology
ILHMIntegrated Landscape Hydrology Model
IWIIndex of Watershed Indicators
JEHJournal of Environmental Hydrology
JOSHJournal Of Spatial Hydrology
LEPWLiquid Entry Pressure of Water
LmMeander Length of river or stream
LPHWLow Pressure Hot Water
MEOWMaximum Envelope of Water
MGNLManutention De Gaz Naturel Liquide
MIVMain Inlet Valve
MOHTMeridional Ocean Heat Transport

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