Hydrology Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Hydrology terminology and jargon:



SWMMStorm Water Management Model
SWSStatic Water Supply
TMCThousand Million Cubic
TMWAMTurkey-Mersey Watershed Acidification Model
TWLTop Water Level
UNETAn internal program for water flow simulation.
UPHUnsolved Problems in Hydrology
URUltimate Recovery
USCUniversity of South Carolina
VUVolume Unit
WBMWater Based Mud
WBORWest Branch of the Ompompanoosuc River
WCSWater Column Separation
WEDCWater Engineering and Development Center
WETWater Enhancement Textures
WFYFWest Fork Yankee Fork
WHPAWellHead Protection Area
WMCSWater Management and Conservation System
WQHWater Quality and Hydrology Group
WRAPWater Rights Analysis Package
WRFMWells Reservoirs Facilities Management
WSWater Stop
WSPGWater Surface Pressure Gradient
WSPGWWater Surface Pressure Gradient for Windows
WSSWater Supply System

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