Jogging Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Jogging terminology and jargon:



AMCAthletic Mafia Club
FFPFlight Path Pathway
JAFFAJogging And Fitness For All
JIMJogging Is Miraculous
JSSJogging Sweet Spot
PJUPhysique & Jogging in Ulster
QJBQuality Jogging in Berkshire
QJDQuality Jogging in Devon
QJIQuality Jogging in Ipswich
QJMQuality Jogging in Manchester
QJPQuality Jogging in Portsmouth
QJRQuality Jogging in Richmond
QJWQuality Jogging in Wolverhampton
RERacing Eagles
ROERunning On Empty
RTPRecreational Trails Program
RWIRun Weather Indexed
RYARace you
WUWarm Up