Laboratory Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Laboratory terminology and jargon:



ADWGAsthma Data WorkGroup
AEAdult Equivalent
AECAmbulatory emergency care
AECUAmbulatory Emergency Care Unit
AEDAnti-Epileptic Drug
AELAmerican Esoteric Laboratories
AELAquatic Ecology Laboratory
AELAppalachian Educational Laboratory
AELAdvanced Environmental Laboratories
AELArts Enterprise Laboratory
AEPAcoustic Evoked Potential
AEPAppropriateness Evaluation Protocol
AEPAveraged Evoked Potential
AESLAlternative Energy Systems Laboratory
AESLApplied Exercise Science Laboratory
AESLAgricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories
AETApparent Effects Threshold
AFAlign Focus
AFBAcid Fast Bacilli
AFBAcid-Fast Bacillus
AFBacid-fast bacill-us, -i
AFCAFfinity Chromatography
AFCAnalytical Flow Cytometry
AFCAntibody-Forming Cell