Linguistics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Linguistics terminology and jargon:



2LATwo Letter Acronym
AAAlliteration and Assonance
AAALAmerican Association for Applied Linguistics
AALLAustrian Association for Legal Linguistics
AALSAILA Applied Linguistics Series
ACLAssociation for Computation Linguistics
ACTLAdvanced Core Training in Linguistics
AFLAAustronesian Formal Linguistics Association
AFPA Frightful Paradigm
AGAttribute Grammar
AIAccent Insensitive
AJALArab Journal of Applied Linguistics
ALAAApplied Linguistics Association of Australia
ALDAtlante Linguistico Del
ALICEArtificial Linguistic Intelligent Chatting Entity
ALLTApplied Linguistics Language Teaching
ALRGApplied Linguistics Research Group
ANLPAssociation for Neuro Linguistic Programming
ANLPAssociation of Neuro Linguistic Programming
APLLAustronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics
ASAccent Sensitive
ASALAnnual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics
ASOLAssociated Students Of Linguistics
AUNLPAmerican Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming