Linguistics Abbreviations

Here's a list of abbreviations related to the Linguistics terminology and jargon:



RNLDResource Network for Linguistic Diversity
RRReify Reflect
SAPSpeech Act Participant
SDSemantically Different
SDFSyntax Definition Formalism
SDLPRSpecification and Description Language Phrase Representation
SFLSystemic Functional Linguistics
SIDLStudies In Diversity Linguistics
SILMARStudio Informatico Linguistico Multi Assistenza Rapida (Italian: Informatic and Linguistic Multi Rapid Assistance Office)
SLCNSign Linguistics Corpora Network
SLLFSchool of Languages Linguistics and Film
SLLLSchool of Literature Languages and Linguistics
SLLPSpecialized Language for Linguistic Programming
SOALStudent Organization of Applied Linguistics
SOALStudents Organization of Applied Linguistics
SPSubject Phrase
SPESound Pattern of English
SPILStellenbosch Papers in Linguistics
SPLSpell Checker
SPLATStatistical Parsing and Linguistic Analysis Toolkit
SRLLSelected Reading List Linguistics
SSGLStudies in Slavic and General Linguistics (academic book series)
SSLLStudies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics
SWELLSwiss Works of English Language and Linguistic
SWELLSwiss Works in English Language and Linguistics